Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Opthamology Appointment

We had to schedule this appt. with the opthamologist months in advance. With the diagnosis of type 1 diabetes, other Dr.s are included in your care other than the Endocrinologist.
Isaac had a very thorough exam today..They started off by doing measurements of his eyes,etc.

 Then they did a preliminary visual exam.
 They also did many color blindness test.
 Also on each eye seperately.
 Then they used two different eye drops..
 They used the adult drops for dilating the pupil so it would return to normal after only three hours..You know he does have to go hunting this evening :) LOL
 The asst. also did an exam on his eyes after dilation...and said that he has very good vision.
 This is one of the instruments that was used today..
 Yep..his eyes are dilated..
 A close up of his dilated pupil..this was taken only a few minutes after the drops..They did get a little more dilated..
Finally finished. He had to sport the lovely sunglasses that the office gives you for three hours..The Dr. said there was no sign of retinopathy..(he didn't expect there to be this early.) and that he had very healthy eyes..Of course he went on to talk about type 1 and diabetic retinopathy,cataracts,Glaucoma(diabetic eye disease). The NEI (National eye institute) is conducting and supporting research that will help people with diabetes. The Dr. wants him to be seen once yearly for now.
I am thankful for the newer treatments in eye care...lasers sure are a big help in dealing with eye disease now...Like every thing else with type 1 - I am teaching him how important it is try to take care of his diabetes-because it can affect every organ in your body..
     Diligence/Education..If you know better-you do better..

Thank you Lord for an exam with good results today.. I know that you will always be there for us.

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Our Diabetic Warrior said...

Congratulations on the eye exam! Praise the Lord for healthy eyes!