Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Insulin gone bad!

We almost never see bg's higher than mid 200's....Well-two bg's in the 300-400 and I knew something was way off.. Sunday, for the first time since starting on the omnipod (in June) I gave Isaac a correction shot-with a new vial of insulin..within an hour or so his bg had came down from low 400's to very low 100's.. I was so VERY thankful!! I also replaced his pod with a new one with fresh insulin... Our insulin still had about 6-7 days left...apparently it had gone bad early. We have never had bad insulin in the 11 months since diagnosis..we live and learn and keep doing the best we can!
Thank you Lord for insulin!!!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Omnipod PDM Blood Glucose Screens :)

 I really like the features on our OmniPod PDM.. it will give you any single day blood glucose average- 7,14,30,60,and 90 day bg avg's. The n in parenthesis is the total number of bg checks in that time frame. and the avg. reads per day is listed below that. As of today, Isaac's 90 day bg avg. is 115- I am REALLY happy with this :) This gives us a pretty close estimate of his A1C.(6.7 @ clinic a couple of weeks ago :) )
We have very few days that we are "in range"-our in range numbers are 70-120 with a target bg of 95.  I took this picture of one of our in range days.. If he were to be above120-the pdm settings consider this above goal. and of course below 69- would be below goal.
This is a picture of Isaac's last 7 day avg. screen. 
We really like the Omnipod. Of course there are many other features that I like...but I will just talk about the bg history screens for today! 
Hope you all have a great Thanksgiving :) 

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Squirrel Stew/Squirrel gravy

 Abram supplied the squirrels..lol * He also skinned/cleaned them.

 We put the squirrels in a slow cooker with seasoning,carrots,onions and potatoes. Cooked on high for about 4 hours.
We had the stew with biscuits. We have another squirrel left in the freezer...guess I will be making "requested" squirrel gravy one morning this week :)

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Jacob's 6 point buck :)

We are so proud of you Jacob :)

Opening day of rifle season*11-19-2011
 Nice Buck :)

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


 On World Diabetes Day.. I did a quick paint job on Isaac's pod as we were leaving for a game..LOL
We were invited to speak at our local sports medicine/physical therapy office about diabetes..I am so thankful that they want to be more educated :)  I am thankful for the opportunity to advocate!!!

Monday, November 14, 2011

World Diabetes Day....Nail painting....

My sister and I did our nails for World Diabetes Day..
People with type 1 diabetes NEED a CURE.... NEVER stop ADVOCATING !!!!!!!!!!

Friday, November 11, 2011

A1C/Endocrinologist/Diabetes Clinic Appointment

 Isaac checking me out in the office :)
 He said he could see the light coming out of my other ear.. he is fisty.. :)
 Still trying to find something in there.. hehe
 Jacob decides to check out Isaac's pupils and watch there response to light...
 Isaac thinks we have to stop at Bass Pro Shop everytime we go to Knoxville :) This time they got fishing lures and a hat.

Looking out the elevator..headed up to the second floor.
 We are in front of one of the aquariums..
 My mom went with us this time..
 I really liked this hat on Isaac ..  :) So cute..
 Well - time to hit the road again..
What a wonderful way to end a very long day...an ice cream cone...   :) He deserves it!!!

 We had our 3 month appt. this week. We travel around 2.5 hours (one way) to go to our diabetes clinic.. We have never saw an Endocrinologist... We have always worked with a Certified Pediatric Nurse Practioner..she has been great.. We also see a nutritionist, and a certifed diabetes educator- RN. and of course a phlebotomist.. She says we are doing really great...even considering the two broke bones, growth spurt, puberty, passing a kidney stone, learning how football/basketball affect his diabetes in the last 3 months his A1C is 6.7 !!!!!!!!!!! I am so very thankful for that number...at diagnosis last Dec.. his A1C was over 13...
Jacob and I participated in the Type 1 Diabetes Research Study-TrialNet..They took our blood and said it will be a couple of months before we hear anything..Marty and Abram stayed home this time.. they had lots to do..Marty's work is very busy and Abram had ballgames...next visit they will take part in the trial net study..
I am very thankful for all of God's many blessings :)

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Yet another Muzzleloader kill :)

Great job on getting that doe Abram!!
This is the first year that all three of my boys have killed a deer in the same season with a muzzleloader!
I am very thankful for my boys and that they are healthy enough to enjoy the outdoors and everything else that they are interested in!
God is good...All the time..

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Another Muzzleloader Kill :)

 So very proud of you Isaac...Great job :)

Isaac killed this doe yesterday evening with a muzzleloader! We process the meat into burger,steaks,roast,etc. Thankful for a great hunting season so far.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Muzzleloader Season

Muzzleloader season opened here this weekend.. Jacob got a nice doe this morning. Great job Jacob.. I am proud of you and the man you are becoming :)

Friday, November 4, 2011

A fatal dexcom error :(

Our Dexcom Seven Plus gave us an error code last night..After speaking with Dexcom, they are sending us out a new monitor and sensor. So very glad that it was still under warranty..we had only been using it since June. At the latest, it will be here Monday...last night was weird without it...I usually look at Dex. several times during the night... Hopefully the next one will be even better :) Sure do miss that little piece of equipment...

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Despite diabetes

Despite diabetes my boy is out right now in the dark, pouring rain, miles back in a mountain, with a rebroke collar bone, joining other males bonding and helping each other haul out an almost 600 pound black bear.. and by the way..the first time he broke his clavicle he was the 6th grader starting quarterback for the whole jr. high football team! When he  rebroke it the second time (5 weeks later) he was the only 6th grader who made the A team and was playing in a basketball game! He also hunts all kinds of animals/ fishes/ hikes/plays baseball and anything else he wants to do.. I am not telling this to be bragging.. I just want others who may think that they can't do these things because of diabetes that they can! It may take more planning/etc.. but you CAN do it and do it well.... I WILL NOT let diabetes keep Isaac from doing anything that he wants to do...
It is National Diabetes Awareness Month...and I am very thankful to all of those in the DOC that are helping to spread awareness and are advocating for all of those fighting this TERRIBLE disease.

Our children are HERO'S....................