Monday, September 5, 2011

Making grape juice...

 Got a few grapes :)
 Removed them from the stem and put them into a pot. Added a small amount of water.
 Boiled them for about 25 minutes...mashed them.
 Poured the contents of pot into a med. strainer-drained into another pot..
 This caught the seeds and skins.
 Then I poured the contents of the pot into another smaller, metal strainer.
 Which drained straight into the jars.
 The contents that were left in the metal strainer are in this bowl.. I will use it to make jam. I can use the juice to drink or process into jelly.

One of the jars of juice..delicious...NO sugar added :)

Good stuff.. lol

I will post  pictures of the jelly/jam that I will be making this week also..
Lord willing.


Tracy1918 said...

You are amazing!!

Our Diabetic Warrior said...

I completely agree with Tracy! You are amazing!