Friday, September 9, 2011

Don't sack THAT quaterback!!!!!

Last night at the football game Isaac got sacked...
A few minutes until halftime and a few more plays..he stayed in the game..
I noticed he was favoring his left arm.
Well..a trip to the ER and a diagnosis of a broken sports or physical activity for atleast  6 weeks..We will be following up with orthopedics in one week..
I took pictures in x-ray and on the field and in the ER.. so I thought ...but the camera was on video! So must of the "pictures" were not able to be used..This video was supposed to be two pictures..Wish I had been paying better attention..anyway....
I am thankful it wasn't anything worse..But it is painful and restricting..I would appreciate your prayers for him.

There is a local high school boy in our area who is in a coma with a massive head injury from last Friday nights game..Please remember him and his family in your prayers..His prognosis is grim, even if he pulls through.
Thanks for the prayers.


Tracy1918 said...

Oh Misty! Ouch! So glad it wasn't worse...but still, not gum to deal with I'm sure. Will pray for a quick recovery!

Kelly said...

Prayers being sent your way from Ohio!

Jules said...

Oh my! Hoping he mends quickly and fully. Thats awful.