Saturday, September 24, 2011


     Isaac has been riding the bus for away football games..Abram is on there with him..I instructed the coaches on glucagon/glucose tabs,etc. the first of the season. He has done fine. He had an extended bolus for the team pizza before a game one time and went low (50's) on the way back to the school on the bus after the game. He ate his gl. tab-and got off of the bus a few minutes later. Like it was no big deal and he took care of it! Still hate the thought of him handling things alone, but I know he is very capable and needs to grow in this way.. 
     Last night he went to a dance at one of the local schools. He had a few cousins there. He put his diabetes bag up in a closet behind the concession stand so he didn't have to carry it around..He kept his dexcom in his pocket.
     He will have been diagnosed with diabetes for 8 months on this coming Tuesday. I am very proud of him for the way he takes care of his diabetes. He is very responsible..
You know how us d-moms are..!! :) It is always on our minds..thinking about the what if's and such..
     Taking these new steps into his taking care of his diabetes is a good thing..he feels secure in how to take care of himself..
It just hurts the heart a little knowing that it is/will be their responsibiltiy for their entire lives or until there is a cure to have to deal with/accept/manage and live with this disease.
I am so thankful for the responsibility he has with his disease..But I wish he didn't have too and that I could shoulder it forever..Yet I know the Independence he is gaining is the best thing for him.

Thanks for listening to me ramble on.. I still can't put it all into words...Just another emotion in the day of life dealing with type one diabetes and our children growing up..
Yep.. My "baby" boy is growing up..Testing his wings..learning to fly...One of these days he will be flying high and If I am alive I will be right there for him, cheering him on.. 
 I thank the Lord for all three of my boys and the many other blessings He blesses me/us with daily.. 

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Tracy1918 said...

Misty, those same thoughts roll around in my head too. I have to remind myself that the Lord is going to help our boys....just like he's helping us. But sometimes I forget that!