Thursday, June 30, 2011

JDRF Awards Banquet

Marty and Misty

                                          Isaac with his golden sneaker award.

                                    Jacob and Abram
Isaac with his silver achievement award.

 Isaac walking back from accepting one of his awards.
  Isaac with his rookie of the year award.
  Isaac with all three of the rewards he recieved :)
 Thanks again to TEAM ISAAC for all of your love and support..
We love you very much Isaac and will always be supportive of you!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Our first dexcom sensor......

Well we put on Isaac's first dexcom sensor this evening...It went to work right after we put in the first two blood sugars. I was kind of anxious inserting it...and getting it started..(which is unusual)I think it was because we were rushed for church...(we also had to change his pod this evening) but it all worked out..It was hard adding another "thing" to his body. But I already like the info. it is putting out/and the arrows..He likes the info. also :)  I am thankul for this technology.. I think our children with diabetes are so strong and brave!! We have been "pumping" a little over two weeks now..Today the Endo. said we could quit all the extra checks...Still adjusting a few basals..So I was READY for the dexcom... :) Isaac has went back to regular activity and got to have his snacks back. Now we are just chugging along-and I am asking every few minutes,"what's your sugar?" LOL
Hope you all have a great evening..Praying for you all.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Our winter wood supply :)

Isaac taking a rest with his rabbit dog :)

Some of the logs hauled out, ready to be cut into managable sizes
to be busted!

My boys and a few nieces stacking wood into the woodshed.

The boys hauling logs with the four wheeler.

Working hard :)

Isaac taking a water break after some of the wood is split and ready to haul to our woodshed.

The woodshed still needed one more rik to be full in this picture..
It is completely full now..just didn't have a picture.. :)
Our wood shed is apx. 12ft.x8ft. When it is full
it last through the entire season..We usually start building
a fire in Nov. and burn through the first of April. (With about
a rik left to spare..)
Glad to have that chore completed. We usually try to get this job done in the spring.

            Next up will be lots of canning from the garden.Thankful for this time to prepare for winter.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Our first pod failure...

This morning it was time to change our pod. After starting the new one we hear a continuous beeping from the pod....Then shortly we got a pod error/failure alarm.(This was the first error we have experienced) So we put on another pod which worked fine. I called onmipod and they got some alarm numbers and numbers from the pod and said it was a mechanical failure and they would ship us a replacement. So we made it through and had good support from omnipod. :)
My boys are looking forward to Bible School this week. We serve supper there-so our usual supper time will now be 2 hours later than usual..?..We are still tweeking our basal..still spiking after breakfast..but starting to be a smaller spike. (from 300's to 200's) and still watching a few other time periods for changes. Hopefully we will get it pretty close within the next week..They let Isaac go back to regular activity Saturday..maybe soon they will give snacks back :)We have been getting quite a bit of rain here the last few days..So much to be thankful for.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Some things happening around the homefront.

Jacob, Abram and Isaac weeding the garden.. It sure is growing.
Isaac picking raspberries sporting his omnipod on his arm. He has a camo bands for life cover on it.

Abram had his braces taken off this week..

Now on to the retainers...

Jacob with Isaac's harvested onion.

Marty tilling the garden.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Isaac is officially "pumping insulin" now!!!!!!!! :)

The endo. office  made reservations for us to stay at the Ronald McDonald house the night before our pump start..
We began "pumping insulin" yesterday morning at 6:18. We put on his pod and started his basal and we went to the Endo. office at 8. We got to start home around noon. He spiked up over 300 2 hours after breakfast so they moved the basal up from .1 to .15 -he spiked after breakfast again this morning over 300- so they changed the basal from 8am till 11 am to .2 I am thankful we are getting this adjusted-we knew he was spiking after breakfast but they couldn't change the lantus dose and  when the bolus I:C was raised he also went low..but even spiking he was in normal range by lunch time..
-so hopefully getting this spike under control will make an even greater improvement on his AIC.. We are doing several more bg checks and no snacks between meals and limited activity the rest of the week to try and get his real basal needs. (per endo.)
I feel like I am forgetting something at meal times and bedtime with no injections.. It seems odd to not be handling vials and syringes... :)  to just push a few buttons and "bam" theres your shot! I am really happy with the omnipod so far and so is Isaac..
They did an AIC again.(7).he had one the end of April..(7.1)but they wanted to see one at pump start to see what happens with his AIC on the pump. I hope it doesn't take a long time to get his pump adjusted..we go back to the endo. in Aug.
We always try to stop at the bass pro shop when we go to the Endo..Of course with three boys and their dad-thats a real important landmark..haha Lots of fishing and hunting supplies..It is located near the exit to Pigeon Forge and Dollywood here in East Tennessee.

    Isaac made this Tic-Tac 'creature' one day..No carbs in tic-tacs :)

Isaac making a man out of injection supplies.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Some things we have recieved the last few weeks!!! :)

I am SO thankful to have these tools to help Isaac with his diabetes care!!!!!!
We start our omnipod insulin pump this week!!!  :) 
In a couple of weeks we will be starting our Dexcom 7 Plus Continous Glucose Monitor!!
God is good
Thank you Lord for all of your blessings...