Friday, February 22, 2013

Chicken eggs hatched from our incubator.

 One of our eggs hatched on the 20th day.
 Most of them hatched on the 21st day. A few more hatched on the 22nd day!
 This one just hatched out of the shell.
Here it is almost dried off.
 This is another one that wasn't hatched out long.
 Here it is dry and fluffy :)
 This is the first four that hatched. We removed them from the incubator when they were dry.
We hatched out 22 all together.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Candling our incubating eggs :)

To the left of the egg where the light is you can see the air sac. In the middle you can see blood vessels. On the right/dark side of the egg is the chick. After the egg is stopped turning, towards the end of the video you can see the chick kicking/moving :)

God is good!

Incubating chicken eggs

 Isaac got a Little Giant Incubator for his birthday. Some of our neighbors gave him fertilized eggs.
 He lightly sanded some of the debri from the egg.
 He marked an X and an O on each side of the eggs.
 These marks help when turning the eggs daily.
He started placing the eggs into the incubator, He also placed a thermometer into the incubator.
 We plugged the incubator up a day early to make sure it held a stable temperature.
He placed a total of 38 eggs into the incubator.
Now the lid has been placed. In 21 days we will have some chicks :)

Supersized egg....

Isaac found a suprise when he gathered eggs the other day! A HUGE was also a double yoker.The smaller egg beside of the huge one is actually an extra large size.