Thursday, December 16, 2010

2010 Bear Season

My youngest son killed his first bear this year.The bear weighed
around 130 lbs. In the above picture he is beside his uncle with
his dad in the background. My other sons have killed a total of 3
deer this season-so far :) I am thankful that they enjoy hunting.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010



Isaac with his 410 shotgun.

Isaac was the only one in his hunter safety
education class to score a 100 on his test~
Yippee :) He also hit the clay targets with his
shotgun. We all have so much fun hunting/fishing
together. (Deer,Bear,groundhog,squirrel,
He got stung a few times on the arm
one day this week by the"saddleback" in the
above picture..boy those things hurt!! (I have
encountered a few of them in the corn patch!!)
Well~we have lots to do as usual. Have a great day.
We are so blessed by God :0)

Friday, August 27, 2010


The garden is on its last legs~haha~only a few tomatoes,
peppers and melons left to gather. We will dig potatoes
in Sept. or Oct. (depending on the weather.) I will be
planting mustard greens this weekend for canning later
in the fall. We have preserved lots of food-as usual. :)
Thank the Lord for all of His blessings.
Football season is in full swing. Hunting season is just
around the corner! My youngest son will complete his
hunter safety education course tonight. It's hard to
believe how fast my boys are growing up....16,13, and
10 yrs. old. Where does the time go? LOL
Looking forward to the change of seasons.
Homeschooling is going well. Lots to do around the
house. I will be cutting back the flowers in my beds
soon and getting my fruit trees, bushes and vines
prepared for the winter. We are working on fixing
some deep spots in our driveway and getting new gravel.
God is good/All the time :)

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Starting to reap the harvest :)

I gathered a few squash,cucumbers and a zucchini
this morning. We have also harvested cabbage,
onions and peppers. Next week I should start canning
half runners. I can hardly wait for our tomatoes
to rippen..yum. The garden is growing well. I will
soon be very busy canning-instead of weeding~ha. So
worth the work. Thank you Lord for all of your many

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Myrtle Beach 2010

On the pier..

Beautiful sunrise...
My fellars strolling along the beach..

"Trees" that the tide left in the sand..

Fun splashing in the waves..

My oldest son had a baseball tournament near
Myrtle Beach.~So we got to go on a early vacation..
LOL-It has been 12 years since we last visited MB.
Time sure does fly by! We enjoyed being @ the
beach,exploring together and just having fun!!
God blessed us with a safe and happy trip...He is
so good!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Canned food inventory..

It is raining here today so I am doing alot of " inside" work..
I keep most of my canned food in our laundry
room.While I was cleaning there this morning
I decided to inventory it. This will give me a better
idea of what I need to work on this summer. I
always can alot and use the previous years
canning up first. As of today this is what I have

gr.beans-73 jars
corn-77 jars
tomatoes-44 jars
potatoes-6 jars
pickles-8 jars
mustard greens-23 jars
pumkin/cushaw-25 jars
salsa-36 jars
spagetti sauce-5 jars
kraut-17 jars
jelly-3 jars
juice-3 jars
apple butter-5 jars
We also have several bushels of potatos left.
We are so blessed by God.... :)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Getting wood in for winter....

My family has started cutting wood for winter.
We use dead or fallen trees most of time. This
winter has left many trees down..We try to get
our wood cut and stacked in the spring to let it
have time to dry out before cold weather. I am
thankful to God for our wood stove and the
wonderful heat it provides and for the health
and tools to get our wood in. God is so good!!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Our Garden

I was able to plant spinach,lettuces,mustard,
cabbage,cauliflower,red and white onions in
our garden Saturday..The weather turned
chilly and we had some rain/sleet/and snow;
perfect weather for just putting my cold weather
plants in the ground..They are looking so good.
Our hens started laying about 6 weeks ago. We
have new Americauna pullets that are about 3
weeks old and are picking up Buff orphington
pullets this week(about the same age). God is
so good. BLESSED.. We also added 2 more
nannies,one rooster and 2 rabbits to the "farm".
We should have baby bunnies the first week
of April.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Bear Season 2009

My husband killed this bear during archery season
this past year. You can see the poke berry stain
on his nose and mouth.His intestines were also
stained. We have been making chili and stew
out of him..