Friday, September 30, 2011

Chestnuts :) and good deals at Wal-greens :)

 Some of the chestnuts we gathered from one of our trees..These are so good..I eat them raw:)
 I stopped by Wal-greens today to pick up some almonds..They have these on sale every few months for 4.99 a bag(1lb bags) Usually sales for 7.99.(Great low carb. snack) I purchased three bags..that's all they had.
This toilet paper was on sale for 2.99-usually sales for 4.29.(I purchased 3 packs)
 This dish liquid was on sale for  .89-usually 1.52.
And I found these glucose tablets on the clearance rack for 1.37 a bottle! :) They are usually 5.99..
If I had used coupons I would have really gotten a good deal..I still saved 29.00 on these four purchases alone! :)

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Jules said...

you have to be happy with a bargain! thats an impressive haul of chestnuts off your own tree.
regarding a previous post abt the garden -
Love the update, watching the seasons pass is fascinating. Im just entering my first spring/summer with a big planted in vege patch and a bunch of fruit trees. So exciting, not sure why I've never done it sooner..oh yeah, TIME!! or lack there of...