Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy @ Home

The garden is growing well. I had to dust a few plants today for bugs. Need to hoe and till again soon. Plan on getting my tomatoes staked in a few days. We are having a cookout this evening. The boys have been in the creek and my sisters pool. It is very hot here today. My husband and Jacob have been doing body work on Jacob's truck...they will be painting it in a few weeks. I have been giving Isaac snacks today after lunch every hour to try to keep the lows away..(that's what the endo. office said to do if he was being so active, plus the high temps.) Our schedule with MDI is usally breakfast at 7:30-snack 10:00, lunch 12:30-snack 3:00, supper 5:30-snack 9:30 and Lantus at 10.(Novolog with meals)
Thank you Lord for your blessings on me..
Happy Memorial Day :)

Sunday, May 29, 2011

More fun in the sun at the creek... :) despite diabetes..


Tubing down the creek.

Having fun jumping off of rocks into the water.

Catching critters.

                                       A fun way to cool off.
                                         Lounging and chatting.
                                         Catching crawdads, frogs and salamanders
                                  Ready, set, go!

                                I will not let diabetes stop us/him from doing what we have always done.
                               My boys are VERY active all year round. I plan on letting them/Isaac stay that way..
                               We are new to this life with diabetes..activity of course means more chances
                               of lows.. He plays sports-hunts-plays-for hours on end...etc.etc.etc. We will  find
                               a balance. I know that there will always be crazy bg numbers but we will try
                               our best to keep them within range as much as possible. I hate to think of all the
                               statistics out there. But this is a new age..better care...better tools to work with.
                               Parents that are more educated about diabetes. More is known now that in years
                      tighter control can make such a huge difference. I think cwd will be
                               changing these statistics...they can write their own futures...
                               Thank you Lord for insulin and the better treatments for tighter control..
                               I pray for a cure for our loved ones having to live a life with type 1 diabetes. I thank
                               God that Isaac is still alive..that all my boys are still alive.. Children die everyday that
                               have never been sick a day in their lives...So I am thankful for what I have now....
                               God has been so good to me.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Some things going on around here this spring...

A fun water balloon fight.
                                      Cousins having fun swimming together.
Abram floating in the creek.
                                            Isaac rowing in the creek.. ha
 Isaac (my youngest son) playing in the creek. They love to build dams up and down the creek.

                             My middle son Abram.. He loves to fish..   :)
My oldest son Jacob (#10), just got back form Murfreesboro,Tn. His baseball team won first place in the conference, district, regionals and sub-state. They were 1 of only 8 teams to make it to the state tournament in Murfreesboro.

Isaac and his cousin Sarah playing on the trampoline.
                                          Thank you Lord for your blessings.

Omnipod on the way.....

Our omnipod is supposed to be here by Tuesday evening. They are working on the Dexcom 7 Plus. They both will be covered 100 % because we have met our deductible. :) Now if we can just get the Endo. to get us in soon so we don't have to wait forever to start it.. I have been reading the above
I have already ordered some "skins" from "Bands for life" to cover the pod.. We had some issue's with the pod trying to come off from the adhesive. I also ordered a tally gear belt with one clear window for our Dexcom. I am thankful and blessed to be able to have these things and hope that they make things a little bit easier fo Isaac as he lives his life with diabetes.. Hopfully there will be a cure soon. Love and prayers.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Our saline trial with the omnipod begins......

Our omnipod rep. Leah  talking Isaac through his pdm functions and filling his pod.

Putting on his pod.

Omnipod supplies/resource books.

Checking to see how well the pod is adhesed.

Getting ready to start the pod.

Checking to see how the catheter looks.
He said it didn't hurt :)
I already REALLY like the pod!
My husband, mom, sister and some siblings/cousins being supportive!
Thankful for my family and that they are willing and wanting to be a part of Isaac's diabetes care.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Our Garden, A Salad and higher BG's..........

Lettuce and spinach

Mustard greens.

 Onions, Cabbage, Peppers, Golden Queen Corn, Tomatoes, Half Runner and Pink Tip Green Beans.
You can see the beans and corn are up about 2-3 inches.

Some salad made from our garden greens.

The garden is doing well.. The rain will be ending soon and the sun will be out. I bet the garden will grow very fast this coming week.
Isaac's blood glucose has been running higher the last few days.. I know he hasn't been as active outside because of all the rain..but I know that isn't all that factors in.. Maybe he is having a growth spurt or his honeymoon phase is slowing down...??..We may need another insulin change..We start his saline trial Friday for the omnipod!!! 

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Hunting night crawlers and a mud fight :)

After church Sunday night my boys and a friend of ours (Bethany) went out to hunt nightcrawlers.. -Of course they thought it would be really fun to throw some of that mud around after they were finished looking for the night crawlers!!
Thank you God for good times and for family and friends.

Monday, May 16, 2011

JDRF walk 2011

 A little fishing at Warriors Path State Park before the JDRF walk.
 Some more fun before walking.
 The lady painting their faces has been living with type 1 diabetes for 66 years..diagnosed @ age 7..she has never been hospitalized or suffered complications (since being diagnosed) due to her diabetes..she is also in a study at Joslin Med. Center for future breakthroughs in diabetes care.
Getting ready to walk..hurry up rest of the team...haha..they were at other stations getting everyone arms are raised due to a sing and clap along going on by the DJ. :)
 Our walk team.. missing one walker due to an unexpected death.Thank you all :)
Isaac...we hope you know how much we love and support you.. You are so strong! My little hero.
Our Team Isaac raised $2811.07 for JDRF.
Thank you Lord for a wonderful day spent with friends and family...

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Church youth trip to Grandfather Mountain, NC.

A nice view.
                                               O.K. Fellars..Thats close enough.
                                          Forrest Gump curve
                                           450 lb. black bear
                                                Marty and Misty
                                           The swinging bridge.
                                             Marty and Isaac on a ledge.
                                        The 1 mile high point in the
                                        middle of the bridge.
                                               Rock climbing cousins.
                                          Isaac with his walking stick.
                       Jacob with Abram and Savannah
                       in the background checking out the views.
                                              Abram up a tree.
                                        Having a picnic lunch.
                                        Behind the rock is a very high cliff..
                                              Jacob, Abram and Isaac after
                                              crossing over the bridge.

Our family :)
Thank you Lord for a wonderful day!

Also while we were there I met a woman who commented about our JDRF walk shirt...She ask if someone I knew was affected by type 1..of course I told her about Isaac and she went on to say that her grandson was diagnosed a few years ago and that her daughter who is a scientist switched her studies and  is now doing research for type 1 diabetes and that they had been having great success with beta cells growing much faster in space..and of course that would help lessen the need for donors for transplantation, etc..
I was not expecting to meet anyone on top of that mountain in NC affected by type 1.. You just never know..  :)