Thursday, September 29, 2011

The garden now...

 Our garden as it looks now...We are still getting a few peppers/tomatoes.
The volunteer half runner green beans are to the right of the picture and to the right of them is where the mustard greens/lettuce are planted.
 Our mustard greens coming up.
 The lettuce coming up.
 Some of the area where the mustard and lettuce are planted :)
 These beans came up from beans that had been tilled under.
 A close up of the half runners.
 Some pictures of the different colored "volunteer" morning glories coming up in the garden.
 We will be digging potatoes soon.
After the potatoes are dug and the mustard canned and the lettuce eaten..We will mow/till the garden under for winter. Hopefully to begin it all over again in the spring!
Thankful to God for a bountiful harvest this year...

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