Wednesday, September 21, 2011

It's been awhile...Random update :)

 Isaac's swollen/broken clavicle
Abram's mullet finger..if he doesn't wear a splint cont. his finger will be perm."droopy" from the first joint.

     Busy times here.Football practices or games every day.. Homeschooling...Taking Abram and Isaac to the ortho. pretty often..Isaac has to go this week for a one week recheck..Abram has a 3 week recheck. Isaac for his broken collarbone and Abram for a mullet finger..he was catching the football and his tendon completely tore away from the he is in a splint for quite awhile..Isaac also goes for his first eye exam with the week. A few more days and he will have had diabetes for 8 months..We have been changing I:C ratios/basals...coming out of the honeymoon/growth spurt/puberty.....Some of his ratios have come down from 1:60 to 1:15..big changes...

     Jacob scored the highest in his soil judging competition yesterday with the FFA. This is his third year competing and he has done well everytime..His school is the only school that has meat science classes and they get to kill/butcher/prepare/wrap the meat from many kinds of animals. He is planning on going to college to be a wildlife biologist.

Jacob getting a short break at our local high school game this week..He has had that cross on his helmet since his freshman year :)

    Still gathering a few peppers/tomatoes from the garden. Our fall mustard greens and lettuce are coming up nicely. I will be canning the mustard when it is big enough..Hope to can a few apples/make apple butter also.We have been pressure washing the decks/porches/house..we will be staining them again soon and also painting our doors/window trims. It has been cooler here lately..
     Hunting season opens here this weekend..The boys are excited :)


Kelly said...

Wow, you guys have been busy! Love the updates...keep them coming.

Our Diabetic Warrior said...

I agree with Kelly, you have been busy! I'm so sorry to hear about all the injuries. I hope God mends them up quickly.

We're still honeymooning ourselves and I get scared thinking of when it will end. Only God knows and I'll keep looking to Him for guidance.

I love the vegetables. You must have a HUGE garden! We live in a little development so I can't go too crazy. We stuck with tomatoes, broccoli, cucumber and basil.

Tell those boys to stay safe! Sometimes I wish I could put mine in a bubble.LOL

Jules said...

i hope your kids are healing up quickly. thats amazing about the program to butcher the different meats!