Monday, September 26, 2011

Biscuits with gravy and apple butter

Jacob "requested'' biscuits and gravy last night for breakfast this morning :)
So I got up and made a batch of biscuit dough. I used self rising flour, cut in some shortening, and added milk.

I rolled out the dough and then used one of my small cups to cut them out.
Placed them into the oven.

 As the biscuits were baking I added flour to my bacon grease and browned it to desired color and then added my mixture of milk and water. (2/3 milk-1/3 water)
 I constantly stir it until it thickens..Not as thick as usual this morning. I also add salt and pepper.
Then I broke up the biscuits and added some gravy on top and apple butter on the side.
I usally make eggs, sausage or bacon with gravy..but he didn't want any this morning...


Tracy1918 said...

Come make breakfast for me!!

Our Diabetic Warrior said...

WOW! I'm sorry, but I just cannot drag myself out of bed to make homemade biscuits. Sad, but true. You are an inspiration to me! It looks delicious!

Kelly said...

This looks totally YUMMO! Nothing like buscuits and gravy to start the day!