Friday, August 5, 2011

Our Endo visit this week.

 Marty and Isaac trying to aggravate me by NOT smiling for the picture..
 They decided they would take some pictures and got some wild ideas..

I like to take the pictures..not be in them..LOL
 Especially when the pictures turn out like this..
 Boy..this looks terrible..I really shouldn't even post this it is so ugly..... LOL
Atleast they had a little fun waiting!
 Isaac's room this time was decorated with lots of wilderness animals..A plus...Passed  more time looking at the border with all the animals...many of them he hunts..(deer,coyote,rabbit,bear and so on.)
 Isaac passing time taking a picture of a bear picture in the room..
 Hurry up and wait some more..who's next...
CPNP, Diabetes nurse, nutritionist, phlebotomist....etc...
 We stopped on the way down to Knoxville at Bass Pro shops and picked up the boys a few shirts. Isaac went ahead and put his on... it was a little large.. :)
OK..Can we get out of here now!!!

Overall they said everything looked really good...
His AIC was 6.9%  :)
Thankful for a good/safe trip.