Wednesday, August 3, 2011

First canning of corn (this year-lol)

 We picked about a small amount of our corn and shucked it.
 I then wash the corn and remove all the "silk".
 After that I cut the corn off the cob. (My camera reset itself with a crazy date again.)
 I feed the cob to local wildlife or goats/hogs/cows when we have them.
 Then you place/pack corn into jars and add salt. If you are using a pint jar you add 1/2 tsp. if you are canning in quarts you use 1tsp. Then fill the jars with water.
 Add rings/lids onto jars and place into your canner. I add two quarts of water into the bottom of the canner and put the lid on..wait until steam is coming out of the top hole really well and place the "jiggler" on ten pounds of pressure and process for 35 minutes.( I start the stove on high and gradually have it turned down to medium by the time it is ready to turn off.)
Monday night and Tuesday I worked up the corn and canned 40 jars..We still have lots of corn to harvest..It did really well this year. I leave the jars on my table for 24 hours and then I remove the rings and wash the jars and place them onto shelves in my laundry room.
I am so thankful for this bountiful harvest and for the health to be able to do something with it :)


Amy@Diapeepees said...

I'm really hoping to eventually figure out how to can on my own -- when I'm a little less busy with babies...

Tracy1918 said...

Looks so yummy!