Friday, August 5, 2011

Enjoying ice cream :)

 Oh yes we did..

 After several hours at a very hot football practice and scrimmage an ice cream cone sounded like a good idea..

*Dive into that chocolate ice cream Isaac :)
I swagged the ice carb count at the local owned shop... :) How many carbs would you guess? A little bit of the ice cream is already missing in the picture.
I guessed 55gC. We will see how I did in a little while...Looked like about 1 and a half cups of soft serve plus the cone...
 Abram had the choc./vanilla swirl. Abram and Isaac had football practice earlier.
 Jacob also had chocolate.
 He received a few bumps/bruises at his football scrimage. 2 other players went to the hospital.. One for stitches and the other for an ACL tear.
I decided on chocolate also..

UPDATE: The past three hours Isaac's bg hasn't went over I must have guessed the exercise helped out I'm sure.. Whatever it is ..I will take it and be glad of it...  :)

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Denise aka Mom of Bean said...

Love it!! Ice Cream and good BGs!!

Hope those other boys are OK...sounds like one heck of a scrimmage!!