Sunday, August 14, 2011

Lowest Low!!!!

Well..One low that Isaac had this week had a new symptom...his legs from the knee's down were tingly...
Then last night his bg was 237 apx. three hours after supper. I gave his bolus after supper per endo..he was a little low before supper..(They say if he has a low within one hour before a meal to give insulin after eating..(prob. why he was high) I gave the suggested correction bolus of .9 His ISF is 125... Within 50 minutes Isaac's bg was 35....He dropped over 200 pt's.!.dizzy, shaky, tingly in the lower extremities...I figure by the time the glucose kicked in it went even lower than that.. The lowest he has been in the past was 43..He had 15 g-C of gel glucose...3 glucose tablets and a granola bar...He never went above 153 after those uncoverd carbs. (apx.48g) I thought he may go alot higher.!
His insulin needs have been higher the last few weeks...I figured his honeymoon was starting to go away..
All I wanted to see was arrows rising on the cgm and bg's going up..he was up to 52 after about the first 8 minutes..didn't wait 15 min. for the recheck... then he was 99 after about 9 more minutes....
Isaac asked what would happen if he passed out...I told him that I would have given him the glucagon shot..
He was suprised when the meter showed 35.*.The dexcom went from 118 to 81 with double arrows we were going to do a soon as we got the stuff ready he was starting to feel the low.
He said his legs didn't usually feel shaky..just his arms..but this time his legs were really shaky also..he said that is how he can tell a higher/low from a lower/low..(now-I guess).I hope he never feels like that again... He said that he felt TERRIBLE..the worst he had ever felt..
I just thank God that we made it through..

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