Monday, August 1, 2011

Football injuries/ Winning a giveaway

Last week football practice ended with Abram having a broke finger and Isaac having a torn patellar ligament..(result of stepping into a HOLE -while running routes in the field-not being hit! They need a better practice field...) Jacob hasn't been injured..yet... We get results back today from an x-ray taken over the weekend to see if Isaac has a complete tear/broken kneecap. His bg's are running HIGHER. Guess it's from the injury...hormones being released, etc. Plus he's can't be as active as usual and I think he is also starting to come out of the honeymoon phase...I gave him 3 corrections yesterday, also thought about raising his basal. We will see what today brings.

I WON one of the Disney books with Coco that Stephanie @ was giving away!!! Thanks so very much Stephanie :) Looking forward to receiving it.

Guess I will be heading to the garden to gather some corn, tomatoes, cabbage, peppers, cucumbers and blackberries. 

Our Endo. appt. is coming up the end of this week!


Jules said...

oh that stinks on the injuries!!! i hate that something thats fun turns out like that. cant beleive how things impact diabetes so much, like the injury causing stress on the body... when reubens blood sugars go crazy we dont know what to blame sometimes. the body sure is a complicated machine. heres hoping they both mend quickly! xx

Holly said...

Misty, hey girl! We are in Tennessee for the night-we'll be here in Pigeon Forge for a couple hours in the morning! : ) I am not sure where you live exactly! Hugs, HOlly
ps-I am praying for knees and fingers!!!