Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Still producing..

The garden is still producing..but is almost gone..this is one of the last baskets of peppers and tomatoes that will be harvested..guess I will make a few runs of salsa from it..

A few more grapes..a few more pints of jelly.

We are planting our fall crops now..Lettuce, cucumbers, mustard greens.. I usually can most of our mustard greens from the fall harvest :)
We have been blessed with a bountiful harvest once again.. Fall is in the air and hunting season is right around the corner.
God is good!


Jules said...

I recently got into fermenting drinks, those grapes look yummy. The rhubarb champagne recipe I have its awesome, fizzy and sweet if you ever get a glut of rhubarb. I forgot abt email!!!!
T hanks misty you are awesome!

Tracy1918 said...