Friday, July 13, 2012

Quick Sticks :) for Low Blood Sugar

 My youngest son Isaac has type 1 diabetes. He received this package in the mail today.
I ordered it a few days ago from this website
 It has free samples of Quick Sticks (for treatment of low blood sugar) and reading material with a coupon. Isaac has tried the watermelon and really likes it. (Each pack has 10 grams of fast acting carbs.) You tear open the packet and pour it into your mouth- it dissolves quickly :)
 They place a personal message inside the package for the recipient. This is the one I wrote for Isaac.
They also included this wrist band bracelet.
Go to the website and order your free samples :)

1 comment:

Holly said...

Girl! That's awesome! : ) I want to try them. I'll check them out. We've been using Nerds in her strips canisters. ; ) She loves to go low for sugary stuff...umm..I know. It's not right. ; )