Thursday, July 12, 2012

How to make kraut

 I gather some flat dutch cabbage heads from our garden.
 Then I remove a few of the outer leaves from the cabbage and wash.
  I cut some of the cabbage off of the head into a large bowl.
 Start chopping :)
I like to chop my cabbage up very fine.
I then pack the chopped cabbage into quart jars.
I pack the cabbage very tightly.
Then I add 1 Tblsp. of plain/canning salt to each quart jar.
Also add 1 Tblsp. of white vinegar to each jar.
The jars are packed so tightly that I have to use a knife and stick it into the jar in a few places to get it to fill up with water.
I fill the jars to the top with water.
I then place the lids and rings onto the jars tightly and let ferment for a few weeks. After this process I wash the jars and add them to our pantry. ( I use old jars -like mayo jars/etc. for the kraut-not regular canning jars-since they do not need processed in the canner. I also use old rings because some juice leaks from the top of the jars during fermentation.)
My favorite part of making kraut is eating the cabbage stalks! :)

God is good!


Kelly said...

Your Amazing! That is definitely a lot of work but so worth it when it comes time to enjoy it!

Tina said...

That's my favorite part too! lol