Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Blueberry harvest/preservation

We went blueberry picking on a blueberry farm early yesterday morning. 
Our blueberry bushes did not produce this year due to a very mild, early spring and a freeze..same thing with our apple trees.
 There were three different patches-we only had to pick at one :) There are still lots of berries so we will probably go back for another picking.
 Abram filling his gallon bucket.
 Isaac picking blueberries.
 Almost full.
Jacob in the middle of the patch-he was the fastest picker :) I think it is because he doesn't like to eat them so more get into his bucket!
Isaac picking a few berries to eat on the way out :)
Notice his diabetes bag on his shoulder.

 The blueberry on top is the size of a blueberry in our local grocery store- the blueberry on the bottom is bigger than the end of my thumb!
The boys and I picked 6 gallon in about two hours.
I packed the quart freezer bags as full as possible:) We use these for smoothies/pies/cobblers,etc.


Camille said...

How wonderful Misty! What a blessing to have all those yummy morsels tucked away in the freezer! There's something nice about knowing where they came from and knowing that you and your children did it yourselves, isn't there? :)

Blessings to you!

ChrisK said...

Looks yummy. And thank you for your kind thoughts while my daughter was in hospital, I put up a reply but it seems blogger ate it!!!..she is doing well. And I hope your sons finger is better.