Monday, October 24, 2011

I won Joanne's Contest :)

The first blog post I read this morning was Joanne's over at :)
I found out that sweet Elise had drawn my name from the list of readers that had guessed correctly on what insulin pump they went with!!! OMNIPOD :) :)
I won the $25 gift card from Target's that Joanne had so graciously offered!! Thank you Joanne!!
I hope they love the Omnipod as much as we do..It has made living with diabetes a little bit easier compared to mdi...I am so thankful for the medical advancements to help those diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes..
As everyday..I pray for the families living with this disease and for a cure!
I love the DOC....
Update: I never received the gift card..must have gotten lost in the mail..


Holly said...

YAY!!! Congratulations!! That's awesome..what will you get? : )

Jules said...

CONGRATS!!! i think i guessed the omnipod too!