Thursday, October 13, 2011

Flint Mill Rock Hike

Me and the boys when we reached Flint Mill Rock :)

(Marty was at home with a headache.This hike included my sister, her husband and their girls-me and the boys)

We took a 10 mile hike Sunday in between church services..We live in between two mountains..This is the mountain on the back side of our house. There used to be a flint mill in there..and that is why it is called Flint Mill Rock-next to Flint Mill Gap..We started on the top of the Mtn. and walked out and down the back side apx. 5 miles.
 This is a video of the view from the right side of the rock.

My boys and my sister's girls.
This is a view of Bristol, Tn. behind them. and part of South Holston Lake.
We could also see Bristol Motor Speedway to the left..
The view from the left side of the rock.
 The local fire tower on top of the Mtn. There used to be a living quarters on the top..and a Ranger stayed in there in the fall to watch and alert for the fires.
 Isaac taking picures/video :)
 Isaac having a "free" snack.
 Abram putting his supplies away, getting ready for the treck back out of the Mtn.
 Jacob taking in the view.
 One of the many bear tracks along the way.. We also saw a bear climb down out of a tree and run away.. Also lots of deer tracks.
 Hiking out..We were on the Appalachian trail.. We hiked in on the "blue" trail and back out on the "yellow" trail.
 The mountain colors were beautiful..At this point we were on a road-almost to our vehicles...Alot easier than the rest of the hike..LOL
 The mountain cut out for the electrical wires..

I thank God for my boys and all of His many blessings!
We had a great hike! The beautiful scenery was wonderful..God's coloring book! It was a blessing to spend and enjoy the day with family..God is so good  :)

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Jules said...

How awesome. Its so beautiful there its hard not to see gods creativity at every turn. What handsome young men you have.