Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Digging Potates 2011

 Abram riding on the plow as Marty drives the tractor. This makes the plow dig deeper and you don't have to go over the same roll as many times..
 Isaac walking along behind the tractor looking for potatoes.
 Abram double checking to make sure no potatoes are left.
The dogs always like to play in fresh plowed soil.
 Isaac taking a break waiting on the next row to be dug.
 A few of the buckets of potatoes.
The second potatoe plot after being dug..There was 5 rolls here..It was starting to get dark by the time we finished. 
Isaac with his diabetes supply bag threw over his shoulder.. 
 Dad and son checking on the layout of the rolls..
 Some of the potatoes on the ground..we will knock all the dirt off of them and put them in winter storage.
 Lots of dirty feet and hands..
 There are always potatoes to be found on the side of the hills left by the plow :)
 3 rows dug in the main garden..
Potatoes laying in the rolls after the plow goes by.
We planted eight rolls of potatoes this year. We usually harvest around 28 bushels..This year we didn't have as all depends on how the weather goes..Glad to have them out of the ground and stored. That takes another thing off of our fall/winter prep list :) Jacob wasn't able to help this year..he had a prior obligation with the football team-that's why he isn't in any of the
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Jules said...

thats fantastic look at all those taties!!! i have planted some potatoes this year - are they ready to harvest when the green tops die? at the moment they have small purplish flowers on the green tops.