Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Basal's,I:C ratios and broken bones..among lots of other things...

 This is Isaac's clavicle after being can see a piece of sharp bone trying to protrude through his skin..We go back to Ortho. this week.. They may be doing a closed reduction to align the bone for better healing.
 The broken bone/knot from the side.
You can see how out of place the clavicle is in this picture..

Each time Isaac has broken his clavicle his sugars do not start rising until a few days have passed..Then we have to start raising his basals..and I:C ratio.. Some of his basals have doubled! He needs apx. 8-10 more units of insulin a day..
When people say things like,"is his sugar regulated" now...they have no idea..No type 1 diabetes is ever just have to do the best you can to try and keep the blood glucose as close to average as possible...It will never be perfect or regulated!There are so many things that affect blood glucose...Throw in a slower honeymoon phase production and a growth spurt plus the body trying to heal a broken bone plus all the other factors such as stress,activity,etc. you have lots of adjusting to insulin facors to do.. over and over and over*Especially in children..
Hopefully insulin changes will  be fewer as he gets older...after puberty/etc.
No matter what-I am thankful that God will always be here for Isaac and us and help us through anything/everything that we have to go through...  :)


Kelly said...

Ouchie that looks like it hurts! Hope things start to even out soon...thinking of you all until then.

Jules said...

i totally hear you on the never be regulated thing. at first i thought it was something that would get easier for us, but honestly as R is growing its getting tougher! hard to pin down an active toddler. i didnt think much about puberty, but i guess that really interferes too, hormones and rapid growth. ouch to the shoulder!!! is he in alot of pain?