Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Omnipod and Dexcom placement sites...

Just thought I would share a photo of where Isaac is wearing his type 1 medical "devices" today.
His Dexcom 7 Plus continuous glucose monitor is on his left arm. There is a metal wire inserted into his tissue-This gives us a blood glucose reading every 5 minutes and has trending arrows that show how/speed that his blood glucose is trending (level/raising/lowering) His Omnipod (tubeless)insulin pump is on his left lower back. It has a plastic cannula inserted into his tissue and delivers his insulin continuously.We replace his Omnipod every 3 days and put a new one on a new site, his Dexcom is not replaced as often..every seven days..(we usally get twice this out of them)  "Sites" that we use are his upper legs, abdomen, arms, lower back and upper buttocks.

I thank God for these medical devices that help keep Isaac alive  everyday. :)

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