Friday, January 6, 2012

Abram-8th grade athlete's recognition :)

Time sure is flying by...
 Last night we celebrated 8th grade night with Abram. In all the sports they play they recognize the 8th grade athletes.  This time it is Basketball.
 We are very proud of the fine young Christian man you are becoming Abram :)
 My mom with Jacob.
 My sister and her husband with my niece Hannah-who is also an 8th grader.
Abram guarding!
Some of our neighbors that came out in support :)
Isaac and my neice Sarah. (See the Dexcom cgm in his other hand.)
After the games they served refreshments to the players and their families.

Next month Abram, along with Marty and Isaac will be participating in the Trial Net research study for type 1 diabetes. Jacob and I had our testing done in Nov. We have not got any results yet.

          Thankful to God for his many blessings.

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