Thursday, January 19, 2012

Abram's exciting news...A trip to Colorado :)

Over 1800 miles....

This is a possible route there, they will be coming back a more southern route through New Mexico, etc.

Our really good friend/neighbor ask Abram to go on a hunting trip with him and his son..(My brother in-law is also going.) They will be going to Southwest Colorado this fall to fish/hike/elk hunt/camp, etc and stopping to visit a few National Parks along the way. They will be gone for two weeks!!! That will "be hard" for me(I will miss him so much) but I know it will be great for him and "ohh" the memories he will make. :)
They will be staying with the Garvey brothers at

God is good!


Kelly said...

What a fun adventure for him to look forward to!

Susie said...

Sounds so fun!!! I'm sure he'll have a blast!!
I love it when our kids get fun opportunities! :)