Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Omnipod PDM Blood Glucose Screens :)

 I really like the features on our OmniPod PDM.. it will give you any single day blood glucose average- 7,14,30,60,and 90 day bg avg's. The n in parenthesis is the total number of bg checks in that time frame. and the avg. reads per day is listed below that. As of today, Isaac's 90 day bg avg. is 115- I am REALLY happy with this :) This gives us a pretty close estimate of his A1C.(6.7 @ clinic a couple of weeks ago :) )
We have very few days that we are "in range"-our in range numbers are 70-120 with a target bg of 95.  I took this picture of one of our in range days.. If he were to be above120-the pdm settings consider this above goal. and of course below 69- would be below goal.
This is a picture of Isaac's last 7 day avg. screen. 
We really like the Omnipod. Of course there are many other features that I like...but I will just talk about the bg history screens for today! 
Hope you all have a great Thanksgiving :) 

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