Friday, November 11, 2011

A1C/Endocrinologist/Diabetes Clinic Appointment

 Isaac checking me out in the office :)
 He said he could see the light coming out of my other ear.. he is fisty.. :)
 Still trying to find something in there.. hehe
 Jacob decides to check out Isaac's pupils and watch there response to light...
 Isaac thinks we have to stop at Bass Pro Shop everytime we go to Knoxville :) This time they got fishing lures and a hat.

Looking out the elevator..headed up to the second floor.
 We are in front of one of the aquariums..
 My mom went with us this time..
 I really liked this hat on Isaac ..  :) So cute..
 Well - time to hit the road again..
What a wonderful way to end a very long ice cream cone...   :) He deserves it!!!

 We had our 3 month appt. this week. We travel around 2.5 hours (one way) to go to our diabetes clinic.. We have never saw an Endocrinologist... We have always worked with a Certified Pediatric Nurse Practioner..she has been great.. We also see a nutritionist, and a certifed diabetes educator- RN. and of course a phlebotomist.. She says we are doing really great...even considering the two broke bones, growth spurt, puberty, passing a kidney stone, learning how football/basketball affect his diabetes in the last 3 months his A1C is 6.7 !!!!!!!!!!! I am so very thankful for that diagnosis last Dec.. his A1C was over 13...
Jacob and I participated in the Type 1 Diabetes Research Study-TrialNet..They took our blood and said it will be a couple of months before we hear anything..Marty and Abram stayed home this time.. they had lots to do..Marty's work is very busy and Abram had visit they will take part in the trial net study..
I am very thankful for all of God's many blessings :)

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