Thursday, December 29, 2011

Type 1 Diabetes Medical Supplies

This is a dresser that we keep some of Isaac's diabetes medical supplies in.

The first drawer contains his lancets, test strips and glucagon.

The second drawer contains his glucose tablets, alcohol swabs, an extra thermometer, keytone urine test strips, a few syringes and blood keytone test strips

The third drawer contains his dexcom seven continous glucose monitor supplies and numbing cream.

The fourth drawer contains his omnipod insulin pumps,extra batteries and a few supplies that he uses with those.
The fifth drawer contains the past years paper work on filled prescriptions and medical test, extra log books,extra glucometers,tape,etc.

Some medical supply artwork on top of the dresser.
In the top of a closet we keep syringes, blood pressure monitor and a few other supplies.
His novolog insulin and lantus insulin are kept in the butter compartment of our refrigerator.

We also keep his glucose gel and nausea med. in the refrigerator.

Insulin is not a cure. Without insulin Isaac would die. Please help support finding a cure for this disease.
-Type 1 Diabetes-
*Praying for a Cure*

I am so thankful to be able to have these life saving supplies for Isaac!
Thank You LORD :)


Denise aka Mom of Bean said...

your dresser puts my shelf to shame! ;)
I, too, am very thankful for the life saving supplies we have available!

Tracy1918 said...

Oh no....I only thought I needed to organize my pantry. Now I need to work on the medical supplies!

Hahahaha.....I admire your organization!!