Friday, December 2, 2011

Abram's Black Bear Kill :)

       Abram with the black bear he killed. The bear had a beautiful hide. He killed it yesterday 12-1-2011* But it was so far back in the woods that they had to go back in this morning to get it the rest of the way out..They left at 6 this morning and did not get back home until 5 this evening..
Abram showing the bear's paw.
   Marty(dad) and Abram.. It took 4 hours just to get back into the mountains where the bear was killed.
     Abram with Chad(Uncle). This bear was in very
    rough terrain!!
    Abram with his bear.. The bear was a boar.
      He weighed around 400 lbs.

Some of the steep rock faces they had to climb.

    More of the rock cliffs that had to be navigated..

     Can you say STAMINA? lol They bear
     hunt through double digits of miles in a
     day from daylight until dark....


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Unknown said...

OMGsh!!!! That's CRAZY!!!!!!!!

I went to visit my mom in Montana a couple years back and all I wanted to do was spot a wild bear. I managed a far off sighting while driving through a nature preserve.

I love that they made that crazy hike to drag it out. WOWZA!