Thursday, July 28, 2011

Putting our pool up / 7 months / Endo. visit soon

Digging the sight.
Working on the retaining wall.
 Hammer harder dad :)
 Spread those wrinkles out of that liner Isaac..
 Get those bolts tight Jacob!
Having some fun...
 Really mom...more pictures..
 Abram making a turtle.
Marty leveling the block.
 Brothers taking a break.

 Wonderful facial. That dexcom clip is really sticking out of the side of his shirt in this picture!?
Let me help..I don't think you have enough.

We are still working on the pool.. (18ft.round/52" deep) Gave to us by a friend a couple of years ago. It was a tiny bit high on one side so we took it all down and are using a transit to level this evening and will put it back up and hopefully by tomorrow evening it will be ready!

We have our Endo. appt. next week. Summer is going by so fast! Isaac was diagnosed 7 months ago.
 I am so thankful to have found the wonderful blogs of others that are telling their stories about living with diabetes! The "DOC" :) what a blessing!!

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Denise aka Mom of Bean said...

Looks like tons of fun...the pool and the mud!! ;)