Thursday, July 21, 2011

The boys and their new critters :) Football Season!!



 The boys and their new kittens.

We have been busy working in the garden. Canning alot. Putting a swimming pool up.
Isaac may start football practice Monday. My boys love sports and have played lots of football,baseball and basketball in the past. This will be the first time since diagnosis that Isaac will be playing football. He will be playing on our local jr. high team. Lots to learn with this new adventure-figuring it all out..keeping the lows at bay....but I will not let diabetes hold him back from anything. Jacob has already been practicing with the high school. I always enjoyed football-but when my boys are playing it makes me nervous..LOL


Holly said...

Misty! We are totally coming thru Tennessee!! Are we coming by you?? (I know Tenn. Is l-o-n-g!!). Check the map-I know we leave DC, and come down Blue Ridge Parkway..wanna get together? I haven't been down it since 1993, so tell me a great spot! : ) geez, we could sit by the side of the road and be amazed! : ) would love to see you, Misty! Hugs!

Rachael said...

You have a beautiful family!

Jenni at talking hairdryer said...

I noticed you started following my blog and had to come check out yours.

Did I notice that Isaac is wearing a pump on his arm? I am sooo curious about how all that works with sports. My Brooke won't be playing football (I don't think) but she loves basketball and that's pretty physical at times. I imagine that you would have to disconnect during practice and games? Wouldn't it hurt if the pump site was hit?

We're still on MDIs, but she's 7 and starting to get tired of the injections and asking about pumps.