Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Isaac is officially "pumping insulin" now!!!!!!!! :)

The endo. office  made reservations for us to stay at the Ronald McDonald house the night before our pump start..
We began "pumping insulin" yesterday morning at 6:18. We put on his pod and started his basal and we went to the Endo. office at 8. We got to start home around noon. He spiked up over 300 2 hours after breakfast so they moved the basal up from .1 to .15 -he spiked after breakfast again this morning over 300- so they changed the basal from 8am till 11 am to .2 I am thankful we are getting this adjusted-we knew he was spiking after breakfast but they couldn't change the lantus dose and  when the bolus I:C was raised he also went low..but even spiking he was in normal range by lunch time..
-so hopefully getting this spike under control will make an even greater improvement on his AIC.. We are doing several more bg checks and no snacks between meals and limited activity the rest of the week to try and get his real basal needs. (per endo.)
I feel like I am forgetting something at meal times and bedtime with no injections.. It seems odd to not be handling vials and syringes... :)  to just push a few buttons and "bam" theres your shot! I am really happy with the omnipod so far and so is Isaac..
They did an AIC again.(7).he had one the end of April..(7.1)but they wanted to see one at pump start to see what happens with his AIC on the pump. I hope it doesn't take a long time to get his pump adjusted..we go back to the endo. in Aug.
We always try to stop at the bass pro shop when we go to the Endo..Of course with three boys and their dad-thats a real important landmark..haha Lots of fishing and hunting supplies..It is located near the exit to Pigeon Forge and Dollywood here in East Tennessee.

    Isaac made this Tic-Tac 'creature' one day..No carbs in tic-tacs :)

Isaac making a man out of injection supplies.


Jules said...

congrats - that must be an awesome feeling! for both of you.

AngelaK said...

Love the art!yeah,for bass pro shop for the guys!Most of all happy for such a blessing for Isaac and ya'll.God is good:)praying for ya'll.