Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Our winter wood supply :)

Isaac taking a rest with his rabbit dog :)

Some of the logs hauled out, ready to be cut into managable sizes
to be busted!

My boys and a few nieces stacking wood into the woodshed.

The boys hauling logs with the four wheeler.

Working hard :)

Isaac taking a water break after some of the wood is split and ready to haul to our woodshed.

The woodshed still needed one more rik to be full in this picture..
It is completely full now..just didn't have a picture.. :)
Our wood shed is apx. 12ft.x8ft. When it is full
it last through the entire season..We usually start building
a fire in Nov. and burn through the first of April. (With about
a rik left to spare..)
Glad to have that chore completed. We usually try to get this job done in the spring.

            Next up will be lots of canning from the garden.Thankful for this time to prepare for winter.


Denise aka Mom of Bean said...

Wow! Such hard workers...glad you can mark that off your to-do list!
Love the new collage, btw! :)

Our Diabetic Warrior said...

It's wonderful to meet you!!! I'm also a Christian homeschooling mom. My son was diagnosed only 1 month before yours. I'm looking forward to reading your blog.

Jules said...

thats awesome they all help out. it actually looks like fun to fill up the wood shed! seems funny to see you light a fire in november...that is our end of spring..heading into summer.