Sunday, May 29, 2011

More fun in the sun at the creek... :) despite diabetes..


Tubing down the creek.

Having fun jumping off of rocks into the water.

Catching critters.

                                       A fun way to cool off.
                                         Lounging and chatting.
                                         Catching crawdads, frogs and salamanders
                                  Ready, set, go!

                                I will not let diabetes stop us/him from doing what we have always done.
                               My boys are VERY active all year round. I plan on letting them/Isaac stay that way..
                               We are new to this life with diabetes..activity of course means more chances
                               of lows.. He plays sports-hunts-plays-for hours on end...etc.etc.etc. We will  find
                               a balance. I know that there will always be crazy bg numbers but we will try
                               our best to keep them within range as much as possible. I hate to think of all the
                               statistics out there. But this is a new age..better care...better tools to work with.
                               Parents that are more educated about diabetes. More is known now that in years
                      tighter control can make such a huge difference. I think cwd will be
                               changing these statistics...they can write their own futures...
                               Thank you Lord for insulin and the better treatments for tighter control..
                               I pray for a cure for our loved ones having to live a life with type 1 diabetes. I thank
                               God that Isaac is still alive..that all my boys are still alive.. Children die everyday that
                               have never been sick a day in their lives...So I am thankful for what I have now....
                               God has been so good to me.


Denise aka Mom of Bean said...

Looks like tons of fun!
God is good, indeed!!

Unknown said...

Nice to "meet" you. God is good indeed!

No one is guaranteed another day...LIVE with the time you're given.

Jules said...

Hi Misty. I cant beleive Ive just found your blog :) Have to go backwards and catch up! I just want to say quickly I look forward to reading along, and how AWESOME is your garden. Im totally envious!!! xx

AngelaK said...

Beautiful testimony Misty.Glory to God:)

Tracy said...

Great attitude to have. We may have diabetes but it doesn't have us!