Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Church youth trip to Grandfather Mountain, NC.

A nice view.
                                               O.K. Fellars..Thats close enough.
                                          Forrest Gump curve
                                           450 lb. black bear
                                                Marty and Misty
                                           The swinging bridge.
                                             Marty and Isaac on a ledge.
                                        The 1 mile high point in the
                                        middle of the bridge.
                                               Rock climbing cousins.
                                          Isaac with his walking stick.
                       Jacob with Abram and Savannah
                       in the background checking out the views.
                                              Abram up a tree.
                                        Having a picnic lunch.
                                        Behind the rock is a very high cliff..
                                              Jacob, Abram and Isaac after
                                              crossing over the bridge.

Our family :)
Thank you Lord for a wonderful day!

Also while we were there I met a woman who commented about our JDRF walk shirt...She ask if someone I knew was affected by type 1..of course I told her about Isaac and she went on to say that her grandson was diagnosed a few years ago and that her daughter who is a scientist switched her studies and  is now doing research for type 1 diabetes and that they had been having great success with beta cells growing much faster in space..and of course that would help lessen the need for donors for transplantation, etc..
I was not expecting to meet anyone on top of that mountain in NC affected by type 1.. You just never know..  :)

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AngelaK said...

goodtimes!!!!!Meg and I have been there.great pics:)