Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A new Omnipod placement site

 We are trying a new site for Isaac's Omnipod!

 This is one of his arm band covers over it.

This is another arm band covering it.

We have heard of lots of people wearing the pod on their calf and we figured we would try it :)
We have also saw people wear them on their chest...we will be trying that also-Isaac wants to try these places.
He has worn his pods on his arms/thighs-upper legs/belly/upper buttock and lower back-and now his calf.


Kelly said...

Update us on how this works for him. I have never seen it worn there but any place you haven't used is worth a try!

Tracy1918 said...

Did he like it there? I've never seen a pod worn on the calf. Interesting.

Oh...and after reading your more recent posts, I now have garden-envy.