Monday, February 11, 2013

Incubating chicken eggs

 Isaac got a Little Giant Incubator for his birthday. Some of our neighbors gave him fertilized eggs.
 He lightly sanded some of the debri from the egg.
 He marked an X and an O on each side of the eggs.
 These marks help when turning the eggs daily.
He started placing the eggs into the incubator, He also placed a thermometer into the incubator.
 We plugged the incubator up a day early to make sure it held a stable temperature.
He placed a total of 38 eggs into the incubator.
Now the lid has been placed. In 21 days we will have some chicks :)

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Jules said...

how exciting!!! we got our chickens at 20 weeks, ready to lay. my kids would adore the incubating experience. hatching all the more!