Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Homemade chicken feeder :)

 We made a chicken feeder out of a five gallon bucket, screws and vegetable tray! In the above picture Marty is cutting out the holes for the feed to flow through.
 Marty is attatching the screws into the tray and bucket.
 The finished product after filling with feed.
The feeder hanging in the chicken coop. It saves alot of time, this holds enough feed for several days. In stores a five gallon feeder cost around $60.00. We made this one for less than $5.00 :)
We will be making a five gallon water bucket soon!


Abbi said...

Great idea! We are thinking about getting turkeys. I would guess that would work well for them too.

Anonymous said...

Going to try that , making the feeder! Thanks tips!