Monday, March 19, 2012

Building our new chicken coop..1st stage

 The front and back walls up.
 Front view.
 Marty nailing the roof on.
Marty cutting off the ends of the 2x4's.
 Isaac and Marty putting the thick plastic on the roof until we put shingles/metal on.

 Abram and Marty putting the hinges on the door that will let the chickens out into the fenced in lot.

Isaac getting ready to add the chicks.
The coop in the dry. Ready for roofing/siding. We will be re-attatching the fencing soon.

We will also be adding atleast another 4x8' addition onto the coop in the next few months. We will build the nest boxes/larger roost then.

Thankful :)

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