Monday, April 18, 2011

Another insulin change..

Isaac has been having several low bg's. The Endo. changed his insulin again. Thank God he hasn't had any lows in 2 days.. He was having them everyday. He is not taking much insulin right now. When we left the hospital he was 1-15 for all meals and 12.5 lantus.. (His lantus had went down to 1 in the past-up to 5 now back down to 3). Novolog is only if he is above 200 at breakfast and lunch (sliding scale which isn't much either) and 1/2 u per 45gc at supper. I have taken things like the weather/food/exercise etc. into consideration on the breakfast/lunch deal  and changed accordingly. He was only getting apx. half a unit at breakfast-.5-1 u for lunch with previous ratios anyway. Fri. he went low by lunch without having any insulin @ breakfast.... I guess this is what the "honeymoon" phase is all about. Our upcoming Endo. appt. is next week. Looking forward to seeing what is A1C is. At diagnosis on Dec. 27, 2010 his A1C was. 13.2. On Jan. 3, still in hospital it was 12.5 He was in the hospital for nine days. Dec.27- Jan. 4.   Feb. 3, with 1 month of treatment his A1C was 9.3(of course that had 2 months of pre diagnosis highs in there.) The Endo. is wanting it below 8 @ next appt. I hope it is much less than that.. We are still on MDI. When the time comes, he is wanting the omnipod..(of course because it is tube-less and if we get a pump.. I def. want a CGM.!) Our Endo. is over 2 hours away.. I wish the local hospital could find a new ped. endo for our area... Anyway.. I am so thankful for insulin and newer advances in care for pwd.
God is good-All the time.

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