Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Myrtle Beach 2010

On the pier..

Beautiful sunrise...
My fellars strolling along the beach..

"Trees" that the tide left in the sand..

Fun splashing in the waves..

My oldest son had a baseball tournament near
Myrtle Beach.~So we got to go on a early vacation..
LOL-It has been 12 years since we last visited MB.
Time sure does fly by! We enjoyed being @ the
beach,exploring together and just having fun!!
God blessed us with a safe and happy trip...He is
so good!


Drucilla's Stitches said...

Hi girl, miss you!! What a great early vacation!! It's almost time for another one now huh?

Drucilla's Stitches said...

Hi, me again. Where are those pictures of your garden this year?? Too busy I'm sure, ha!